Theme of the Conference

Main theme of the conference
Adopting Healthy Lifestyle: Combating NCDs

Sub-themes of the conference:
The proposed sub-themes of the conference are:

  1. Strengthening Public Health Policy and Health System for NCDs
  2. Universal Health Coverage for Combating NCDs
  3. Evidence  on Prevention and Control of NCDs
  4. Promoting Healthy Lifestyle for Combating NCDs

Objectives of the conference:
Specific objectives of the conference are:

  1. To provide opportunity and platform for academics, researchers, students and public health experts actively engaged in different areas of public health in GMS sub-region countries to share and discuss their research findings, ideas, experiences and lessons on healthy lifestyle and combating NCDs through research, policies, programmatic interventions and services.
  2. To raise awareness about the situation and challenges of NCDs for achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by strengthening the role and capacities of public health professionals among GMS countries.
  3. To enhance the quality and relevance of surveillance and research on prevention and control of NCDs among the GMS countries.
  4. To strengthen collaboration on addressing promoting healthy lifestyle for combating NCDs among the GMS countries

Expected outcomes of the conference:
To result in enhanced understanding, professional networking and collaboration on promoting healthy lifestyle and addressing NCDs among public health institutions from countries within Greater Mekong Sub-region through research, teaching, policy analysis and programmatic interventions.

Abstract Guideline

Participants who wish to present the results of their research are cordially invited to submit an abstract according to the following instructions. Accepted abstracts will be presented in either oral or poster sessions, according to the recommendation of the Academic Sub-committee.

  1. Abstract can be submitted electronically through the Submission of Abstract Form. 
  2. Abstracts should be written in English, the official language of the 9th International Conference of Public Health among Greater Mekong Sub-Regional Countries.
  3. Abstract must contain the following:
    • Title
    • Name of authors (name of presenting author must be underlined)
    • Institution Affiliation
    • Address ( City/Country )
    • Telephone Number
    • E-mail Address
    • Keywords (3-5)
    • Brief background and rationale
    • Objectives of the study
    • Methodology (i.e research design, study sites, sampling, instrumentation, data-collection, data analysis, ethical considerations)
    • Result / findings
    • Conclusions and recommendations
  4. Abstracts should contain no more than 500 words. Do not include references, charts or graphs. No attachments will be accepted.
  5. Once your abstract being accepted, please note that as a result of selection by the Academic Sub-committee, your paper may be assigned to the oral or poster session.

Abstract Details

Abstract include title, authors, background, objectives, methods, results, discussion and conclusion/implication.

Abstract should be related with conference theme or sub-themes.

Abstract should be written in English with Times New Roman, Font Size 12, 1.5 line spacing.

Word count should be 400-500. If more than 500 , it will be edited with no opportunity for author approval.

Abstract has not been included in any international publications.

For more information, including the online application please Click Here.

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