Call for Proposals, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Yangon: Enhancing Women, Peace and Security in Myanmar


A priority area for Norway in Myanmar is the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Continued efforts are necessary to ensure that the needs and priorities of women are included in peace processes and negotiations. The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Yangon is planning to fund one media project in Myanmar to encourage and strengthen women’s situation and participation in the peace process in Myanmar. Women’s equal and meaningful participation in peace processes is both an end in itself as well as a means to secure inclusive and sustainable peace.

1. Objective:
Comprehensive journalistic work, broad coverage and deep analysis are needed to properly account for activities and efforts on the ground, so voices of women and community leaders can be heard and taken into consideration in the on-going ceasefire and peace processes in Myanmar.

2. Background:
The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) passed the 1325 Resolution in 2000, which became the first gender-focused resolution in the United Nations. This has since become the blueprint for the gender and peace work in the international community. Today, in Myanmar the UNSCR1325 work strives to address the impact of armed conflict on women, strengthening women’s participation in peace processes, laying the foundation for sustainable peace and many other important issues in regards to women, peace and security.

3. Application:
The Embassy will welcome proposals from local media organizations in Myanmar. Proposals should include outlined ideas and project descriptions on how the project will contribute to strengthening women’s participation and influence in the peace processes. Successful applicants will capitalize on their existing activities, introduce innovative ideas and employ an active strategy for challenging decision makers.

The following selection criteria is set for media to participate in this call for proposal:

  • Committed to providing credible, independent news, information or debates of public interest.
  • Supportive of democratic practices and institutions, political pluralism, transparency, human rights, including the rights of women and minorities, and inter-ethnic coexistence.
  • Legally registered, except in extraordinary circumstances.
  • In regular operation for at least one year, with a record of quality journalism and reporting. Committed to developing a path to financial sustainability.

Send a complete proposal, including budget and project description, to the Norwegian Embassy in Yangon at, with copy to


Application deadline:
21 April 2017.
This project accepts grant applications from:
Myanmar media organizations, print and electronic media.
Project duration:
June 2017- December 2018.
Overall budget:
Approximately $140,000 USD.

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