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As you may know, UNICEF has put 'equity' much higher on its own agenda. The agency has just released a Social Protection Strategic Framework. In the future, UNICEF will support governments as they develop and strengthen their social protection programmes and policies, and advocate for child and gender-sensitive social protection.


UNICEF's approach and vision on social protection are presented in its first-ever global Social Protection Strategic Framework. The document makes the case for child-sensitive social protection and argues for the expansion of inclusive, integrated social protection systems as an effective approach for achieving greater equity for children and contributing to broader human and economic development.


The Framework discusses the main components of effective integrated systems - a multi-sector and a systems approach - as well as current debates including social protection financing, expansion of coverage, and inclusive design. It also highlights emerging challenges in areas such as humanitarian action, adolescence, migration, and urban settings. In the "Road Ahead," the Framework proposes a collaborative policy agenda for social protection - including UNICEF's potential role - to engage development partners in leveraging social protection for children.


We invite you to access the Social Protection Strategic Framework at:




Thomas O'Connell, UNICEF




Thomas O'Connell
Senior Health Specialist (Economic Analyst)
Maternal Child Health and Emergency Response, Health Section, Programme Division
UNICEF, Three UN Plaza,  New York, NY, 10017, USA

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Thanks for sharing this interesting document. Very comprehensive framework. 


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