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is a collaborative research and policy development platform for inclusive health development in Asia. It was an idea that was raised with support from many key stakeholders and researchers at the meeting to discuss the Lancet Southeast Asia series in February 2011. This initiative is expected to foster collaborative actions among existing networks and policy makers and researchers with interest in health policy and health research in the region. Initial focus will be among participants from Southeast Asia region as a follow up activity to continue the momentum from the collaboration formed during the production of the Lancet Southeast Asia Series.


HealthSpace.Asia (HSA) aims to be the social platform that most health policy researchers in Asia mentions first when asked about online collaborating space in health.  It will be the place where young professionals and health policy researchers visit to identify available scholarships and potential grants for health research. It will be the prime online venue for regional health policy debates. HSA was created, supported, and will be initially run by the CMB Foundation with two additional founding supporters: the IDRC/CRDI and the Atlantic Philanthropies. The ultimate goal of HealthSpace.Asia is to create a non-profit independent entity that will be self-governing and self-sustaining, serving the needs of its membership


At HealthSpace.Asia, we will work to ensure that the web infrastructure and core contents such as directory of events, scholarships, grants, news, etc are functioning well to serve our members' needs. There will be occasional incentives and activities to engage our members and stimulate sharing and exchanges. Over time, capacity building activities will also be carried out to support young professionals and new policy researchers and these may include, subject to demand, academic writing online workshop or english language editing service to improve members' abstracts before submitting to journal/conference. 


Currently only small groups of health policy researchers and policy makers are invited to use HealthSpace.Asia during its 'soft launch' phase. But please feel free to invite your friends or colleagues to join us! If you have any suggestion on how to improve HealthSpace.Asia, please do not hesitate to contact our support team! We strongly believe that together we can build this social platform to suit our collective needs for better health of all!


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