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UNDP welcomes Global Fund reforms

28 September 2011

High-level panel’s recommendations would complement UNDP efforts

New York — UNDP welcomes today’s adoption by the board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, & Malaria of recommendations by an independent panel for scaled-up oversight and…


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HPV Vaccines Differ in Cost-Effectiveness and Cancer Deaths

A young girl is receiving HPV caccine in a clinic. Soure: PAHO

According to a news source from Medscape Today on Sept 28th, it is…


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Targeted Request for Proposals (RFP)Exploring the mechanisms for HIV persistence and the potential for HIV eradication


Targeted Request for Proposals (RFP):

Exploring the mechanisms for HIV persistence and the potential for HIV eradication

For complete details click…


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Thailand’s policy on "private insurance scheme" for migrant has no legal binding effect

A Statement from forwarded State Enterprise Workers Relations Confederation (SERC) by the Asian Human Rights Commission

For Immediate Release…


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How prepared are ASEAN + China's health systems to tackle chronic diseases?

In ATM's upcoming issue on "Rising Asia, Growing Inequality" we'll be showcasing inequalities across basic infrastructure, health and financial services and ICTs with the aim to spark discussion about policy options to tackle them. In health, we're zooming in on maternal and child health (MCH) and chronic diseases - aspects of population health that seem neglected amongst the hype about infectious disease (has anyone seen the movie …


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Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Establishing a Community Based Friend Center (P1) versus Implementing a Training Course for Men who have Sex with Men (P2)


Conclusion: According to the result, for prevent HIV/AIDS among MSM in Thailand, the project manager should provide intervention by establishing a community based friend center for the effectiveness could increase. Most NGOs who worked with the hard to reach population had its strategy as major standpoint. Project on establishing a community based friend center, local governments were becoming important on resources so capacity enhancement was needed. Special permissions to…


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Alcohol Consumption linked to Colorectal Cancer

A news source from  Medscape today  stated that the findings of a new meta analysis study shows alcohol consumption is found to be strongly and dose-dependently associated with the colorectal cancer risk.

Veronika Fedirko, PhD, with the International Agency for Research on Cancer, in Lyon, France, and colleagues reported their findings in the September issue of the Annals of Oncology.

According to the researchers, several…


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Pakistan Struggles to Curb Dengue Fever


An area being fumigated for mosquitoes in Lahore September 14, 2011. Source: Reuters…


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Training course: “Introduction to designing and conducting stated preference studies” at Center for Health System Research, Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam

Center  for Health  System  Research, Hanoi Medical University would  like  to  announce  to  you  about a short-term training course with following details: 

-       Name of the course:  “Introduction to designing and conducting stated preference studies” 

-       Time: 05 – 07 October,  2011 (03 days)

-       Venue: Hanoi Medical University 

-       Training objectives: 

  • To introduce participants to the use of stated preference (SP) methods to…

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Tear, new reservior for HIV 1?

Detection of HIV-1 viruses in tears of patients even nder long-term highly active antiretroviral therapy.…


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Learning from the Lancet Series on Asia

There have been at least 5 Lancet Series with specific geographical focus on Asia. These include the China series in 2008 (Health Systems Reform in China) and 2010 (China's Health Reform Revisited) folowed by the India series (…


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Prime Ministers of India and Bangladesh urged to put public health high on the agenda

The Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh began his official visit to Bangladesh this week. In this occasion, a number of eminent public sector leaders and public health experts from the two countries have delivered a joint letter to the Prime Ministers of both countries asking them to put public health collaboration high on the agenda. A copy of the letter is provided below.    …


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Lancet Special Series on Japan Launch Symposium


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EE5 - 5th International Entertainment Education Conference, New Delhi, India on Nov 17-20, 2011

EE5 - 5th International Entertainment Education Conference to be held in New Delhi, India on November 17-20, 2011

Dear Colleagues,
We hope that you will join us for a gathering of the international Entertainment Education (EE) community focused on the state of the art in the field. Conference information below:
5th International Entertainment Education Conference (EE5) – Nov. 17-20, 2011 in New Delhi,…

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"A Paradign Shift in Health Care", The Bangkok Post - Sep 6, 2011

I was screening through the Bangkok Post as I usually do everyday, and I came across an article by Dr. Samlee Plianbangchang, Regional Director, WHO SEARO. The last time I saw him was several months ago in Geneva at the World Health Assembly. To all of us working in public health, what Dr. Samlee advocates for is well-accepted and much understood. What is interesting for me is that this is an article for the general public, which attempts to advocate pro-active public engagement in health…


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Asian Network Conducts Situation Analysis Workshop

Representatives from the five nations comprising the Asian Network—Thailand, China, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, and two observers from Japan—met in Khon Kawn, Thailand 15-17 August to finalize a common protocol for a situation analysis survey. Recognizing that there is an urgent need to change the mainstream of health professionals’ education from the rigid, science-based model derived from Flexner’s report to a more flexible and competency-based education that is responsive to the health…


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Japan: Universal Health Care at 50 Years

A group of healthy elderly Japanese exercise in the grounds of Tokyo temple in Japan, the country which has the highest life expectancy in the world. Source:…


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Capitalizing on the Demographic Transition: Tackling Noncommunicable Diseases in South Asia

Michael Maurice Engelgau, Sameh El-Saharty, Preeti Kudesia, Vikram Rajan, Sandra Rosenhouse, Kyoko Okamoto

Published by World Bank in June 2011

Increasing life expectancy in…


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