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Social protection and health coverage in Asia - a new report from ILO

Not sure if you have seen this report but the UNDG Asia-Pacific Social Protection Issues Brief has interesting contents and useful stats on…


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Building a New World: An Ecosystemic Approach for Global Change & Development Design

“Nowadays, problems are fragmented and reduced by public policies, academic formats, market-place interests and mass media headlines; new paradigms of growth, power, wealth, work and freedom must be embedded into the cultural, social, political and economic institutions to counteract the asymmetries of power…


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Millennium Development Goals: What's next after 2015? What's the role of UHC in the post-MDG agenda?

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are approaching its target date at the end of 2015. The UN website tracks down the progress and reports the achievements and the gaps of each country to fulfill these goals. In HealthSpace.Asia previously, there was a report  of how Asian regional…


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Welcome New Members registered from the 5th GMS Conference, Yangon, Myanmar

Thank you HSA new members who registered during 5th International Conference on Public Health among Greater Mekong Sub-Regional Countries in Yangon. We are excited to have you on this social platform which is aimed for health professionals for sharing knowledge and we look forward for your participation.

We encourage you to learn more about Our Healthspace.Asia and getting to know members. Now take a…


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Presentations from the 5th International Conference on Public Health among Greater Mekong Sub-Regional Countries, Yangon, Myanmar 2013

I was about to share my experiences in attending the 5th GMS conference during September 28-29, 2013. It was honored to be accepted for oral presentation for my Health promotion topic.I would like to share my abstract and presentation to anyone who are interested in this topic.

Strengthening and Evaluating Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention at the Community Level in Thailand: A Comparative…


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Health Promotion Capacity Mapping in Thailand

Interested in contributing to an ongoing country-wide Health Promotion capacity mapping process in Thailand? 

You can, if you:

a) are doing health or Health Promotion related work in Thailand at any level (national, regional, community) or have similar experience in the past, or, 

b) have a public health / Health Promotion qualification and involved in policy-making, academia & research or practice, in Thailand,…


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Asha Jyoti- Light of Hope!

Sharing this as I thought it would be useful to those working in health screening to know of the work being done in north India. I visited over the weekend and was very impressed by the energy and passion of the team, as well as the structure of the collaboration between Philips Healthcare, RAD-AID and PGIMER Chandigarh. Guess the Clinton Global Initiative was impressed too since it recognized the effort at last year's meeting :)…


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Paper entitled "Who Should Pay for Global Health , and How Much?",has been published in the PLOS Medicine

Richard Coker, Head of CDPRGLSHTM, and his colleagues have published the paper entitled "Who Should Pay for Global Health, and How Much?", which has been published in the PLOS…


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Paper entitled "An analysis of health system resources in relation to pandemic response capacity in the Greater Mekong Subregion" has been published in the IJHG

14 December 2012: The paper entitled "An analysis of health system resources in relation to pandemic response capacity in the Greater Mekong Subregion" resulting from the work of the AsiaFluCap project ( has been published in the  International Journal of…


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The paper "Financial burden of household out-of pocket health expenditure in Viet Nam: findings from the National Living Standard Survey 2002-2010"

Financial burden of household out-of pocket health expenditure in Viet Nam: findings from the National Living Standard Survey 2002-2010

Hoang Van Minh (Department of Health Economics & Center for Health System Research, Hanoi Medical University, Ha Noi, Viet Nam), Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong (WHO, Ha Noi, Viet Nam), Priyanka Saksena (WHO, Geneva, Switzerland), Chris D James (WHO, Manila, The Philippines), Ke Xu (WHO, Manila, The Philippines)

This paper aims…


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Health in the Asia Pacific in 2050: Challenges and Recommendation

Nowadays, Asia Pacific countries are in different stage of economic development as well as its health status. Some countries are still fighting with high maternal mortality rate while other countries have succeeded in declining it. Condition of health system also varies in Asia Pacific countries. For some countries, especially low middle income country, outreach of adequate basic health are still become the challenges while for other countries resources allocation and public private…


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Act on Social Determinants of Health

One of these days I found an old book published by WHO in the year 1977 titled Global Strategy Health for All by 2000. As I kept reading the book, there were a lot of questions I could not answer. This is 2012 and I don’t feel like anything closer to health for all.

From 1977 to 2012, if we talk…


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Youth NCD Drive

Nowadays, NCDs issue is disccused everywhere. Even UN who conventionally not dealing with health issue put it in th eir 66th General Assembly Agenda. Thus, put NCD being mainly issued talked about by international figures, national leaders, private sector, civil society and many more. Yet, there is often misleading…


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ACCESS Health Successfully Did the First Telegeriatric Nursing Training

Find out how the first Telegeriatric Nursing Training in the Philippines went!

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Philippines: A First Telegeriatric Nursing Training on 15th-17th October 2012

A training-workshop on Telegeriatric nursing for Metro Manila health professionals will be conducted for the benefit of home-bound senior citizens and physically impaired adults, on 15th-17th of October 2012. This is a joint project of ACCESS Health International, Ayala Foundation, Inc., Home Health Care, ClickMedix and Asian Institute of Management-Zuellig Center for Asian Business Transformation.…


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Why integrating health financing schemes will improve health coverage

During the last decade, various demand-side health financing schemes targeting the poor and the informal sector have been piloted by the Ministry of Health and development partners in Cambodia and in the Lao PDR.

How to combine the different schemes within a broader social health protection or universal coverage arrangement is a topical issue in many developing countries.

Integrating financing schemes improves efficiencies by reducing fragmentation.However, there are risks…


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How can universal health coverage be advanced in Laos?

The Health Policy and Health Finance Hub has published a working paper on the institutional and operational barriers to strengthening universal health coverage in Laos.

The Lao PDR is committed to achieving a form of universal health coverage by 2020. A key step towards universal coverage is integration of the existing social health protection schemes.

The purpose of this integration is to address fragmentation and…


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U-health in Korea

What in the world is U-health?

Find out more!

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21st IUHPE 2013 - Call for Abstracts: Present - 20 December 2012

21st IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion 2013

Call for Abstracts: Present - 20 December 2012  

We look forward to receiving submissions relating to research, policy and practice on the Conference theme, Best Investments for Health, including:  

• Intersectoral Policies, Strategies and Ac tions Conducive to Sustainable Health Investment  

• Multisectoral and Multi-stakeholders Partnership and Collaboration for Health Promotion  



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New ideas on how to counter polypharmacy risks

Are there new ideas on how to counter the risks of polypharmacy?

New medical devices on the line such as Proteus Digital Health -- A patch device that analyzes bodily health after taking a pill -- provide ground-breaking fields in medicine. Find out more!…


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