Attraction and Retention of Rural Primary Health-care Workers in the Asia Pacific Region

Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies (APO) has released a new Policy Brief on attraction and retention of rural primary health-care workers in Asia Pacific Region. It provides policy implications and recommendations for policy-makers in Asia Pacific and other countries in their efforts to improve the rural retention of health workers for achieving Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the Asia Pacific Region, maldistribution of health workers is a serious concern, resulting in poor availability of health services and negative health outcomes particularly for vulnerable populations in rural and remote areas. Author team (Lin X from Peking University, Zhu A and Tang S from Duke Kunshan University) conducted systematic review and three country studies from Cambodia, China and Viet Nam to explore different types of interventions, their subsequent implementation and effectiveness. 
Five recommendations based on the evidence from study highlight factors that should considered when interventions are designed, implemented and evaluated and propose further communication/exchange of information on rural HRH capacity-building in the Asia Pacific region.

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